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How did we get here?

What happened to our country?

How the de facto Government took control.

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During the first hundred years from its formation the united States of America became the most powerful and prosperous country in the world. It came to be known as being the bastion of freedom, the home of liberty, and the land of opportunity.


     Unfortunately, in its second hundred years, certain powerful forces gained control of the government and took measures to extend that control to the monetary system and to all other aspects of our lives; they promoted the false concept that people should expect their government to take care of them, thereby making the people subservient to the government.


     Clandestine, unlawful efforts by Congress were put forth to usurp power and authority from the people and the states by special interest groups and power elitists to bring us to our current De Facto situation.


     We have not had a De Jure, lawful Government since March 27, 1861, when seven States abandoned the US Congress. The current governing body is a De Facto, unlawful government.


     In 1871 the country was incorporated, (UNITED STATES INC), and unlawfully taken control of by foreign powers, the British Crown, (City of London), and the Vatican of Vatican City, (Rome).


     All County government departments are corporations with Dunn and Bradstreet Numbers. They operate as for-profit businesses under foreign constitutions, not the United States Federal and North Carolina Constitutions. 


     The fifty states were made subsidiaries of the UNITED STATES INC. and the Individual American was made a dead entity at birth with a fraudulent contract,  (Birth Certificate Trust), declaring them a Corporate Bond, (Cestui Que Vie).


     Numerous other unconstitutional Acts have been voted on in the unlawful Corporate Congress over the past 160 years.


     We are returning to a De Jure, (Unincorporated), lawful, Constitutional Government guided by the North Carolina and US Federal Constitutions.


     Currently three governmental functions are required to return to the original jurisdiction of 1861 as the Founders created:



  1. State and County General Jural Assemblies.  (1st Amendment)

  2. Common Law Grand Juries of 25 Jurists*.  (5th & 7th Amendments)

  3. An Organized Militia.  (2nd Amendment)



*Magna Carta 1215 Article 61.

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